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Dual Diagnosis Mount Vernon

A dual diagnosis means that a person has two conditions. Someone with a drug or alcohol addiction often has a second disease, which is usually a type of mental illness. It may be depression, bipolar disorder or other conditions from which the person suffers. Treatment of both conditions is necessary to the person’s recovery. Dual diagnosis is a complex illness that is nearly impossible to overcome without professional support. Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon offers the dual diagnosis treatment programs that can get you or your loved one back on the right track. At our facility we treat every aspect of the disease. Do not forgo treatment for one more day, speak to an addiction specialist now. 914-829-5813

Facts About Dual Diagnosis

Statistics show that it is common for people with addictions to suffer from mental illnesses and for those who have a mental condition to abuse alcohol or drugs. Often, the conditions are related. To understand treatment needs for a dual diagnosis, it is important to understand the relationship between the two conditions.

A person who has a mental illness often turns to a substance to deal with the symptoms. With a dual diagnosis, both conditions are serious problems. It is more than just having a drink or taking a few extra pills. The person has developed an addiction to the substance. In addition to this, a person with a severe addiction may begin to show signs of a mental illness. Prolonged and frequent abuse of drugs or alcohol can have devastating effects on the body, sometimes causing an addict’s brain chemistry to change in drastic ways. Over time, he or she develops a dependence on the substance. With increased tolerance, the person must have more of the substance to feel “normal.” When he or she cannot get access to it, the person suffers from withdrawal. Many times, this makes the mental illness even more noticeable and problematic.

Is There Treatment Options for Multiple Disorders?

Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon has programs for people who have both a mental illness and an addiction problem. In the past, these two conditions were treated completely separate. In many cases, only one condition was treated, which usually set the person up for failure when attempting to make a complete recovery.

It is important that the same treatment facility treats both conditions; this places the least amount of stress on the recovering addict. The person may see one or multiple therapists, but they work jointly and share information to enable more effective treatment of both problems.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs exist for people with co-existing disorders. It is often recommended to seek inpatient treatment because of the complexities of treating two conditions. Medication may be given to treat the mental illness or to assist with detoxification and withdrawal symptoms. Medications are available to help reduce cravings until the person is able to resist them on his or her own.

Our programs include both individual and group therapy, as well as additional alternative programs such as equine or art therapy. The benefit of these programs is that they offer additional ways for people to express themselves and deal with stress in a positive way.

While aftercare is important for any addiction recovery, it is essential with a dual diagnosis. The person has twice the number of factors to overcome to maintain sobriety. It is common for people who have a new stress or problem enter their lives to revert back to old, unhealthy patterns. For those battling both an addiction and a mental illness, they must stay vigilant and be able to identify potential triggers that could cause a relapse in the addiction or bring out the mental condition.

Identifying Co-Existing Disorders

Family members or friends must be able to recognize when someone is suffering from more than one condition. This is not as easy as it sounds. People are good at masking their problems. Many of these mental illnesses can manifest themselves as symptoms. For example, it is common for an alcoholic to be depressed when he or she needs a drink. However, the person may not suffer from a clinical diagnosis of depression. It takes a professional to know if a person suffers from a mental illness, but it is important that the person be encouraged to get help if one is suspected.

While treating more than one condition is complex, it is possible for the person to recover from both conditions. Getting help with the right program is essential. Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon offers the professional knowledge and support required for a successful long-term recovery. Dial 914-829-5813 for a new beginning.

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