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Drug Addiction Rehab Mount Vernon NY

Getting help at a drug addiction rehab facility is critical for people who have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Regardless of the particular substance, Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon has the treatment programs and resources to help break the addiction. Our drug addiction rehab employs a highly qualified staff, determined to help patients overcome this dangerous disease. If you’re in a crisis, we can help. Call 914-829-5813 now.

The Truth About Rehab

There are numerous misconceptions abound about rehabilitation centers for addiction. Those inaccurate ideas often prevent people from getting the help they need. It is essential that they learn the truth about drug addiction rehab and how it can help them. Rehabilitation is not just one program, but multiple treatment options designed for many different types of people. Inpatient treatment is the best known drug addiction rehab program, but outpatient centers are another option. In many cases, inpatient care is the best choice, but it is not the only choice available.

Other variations involve the types of treatments provided. Many people assume all programs are made up of individual counseling sessions and group therapy. While these two programs are popular and make up part of many treatment plans, other types of treatment exist. They may include one or more of the following:

  • Pharmacology
  • Behavioral treatment
  • Family education
  • Alternative treatment

Alternative treatments are made up of many subcategories, including equine therapy, pet therapy, art or music therapy, gardening, yoga, meditation and more. While they won’t work to treat addiction alone, they help provide a well-rounded treatment plan for those who need additional help.

Understanding Addiction

A person must understand what the disease is and why someone needs help. This is an important step to receiving the necessary treatment for recovery. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic condition where the person has developed a dependence on the substance. If he or she tries to give it up, the body goes into withdrawal and craves the substance. These symptoms can be quite severe and painful, often resulting in the person reverting back to the addiction.

In addition to the physical problems of addiction, it is also a mental condition. People who are addicted to a substance cannot focus on other aspects of their lives. Things they once enjoyed no longer hold any appeal to them. They neglect responsibilities and relationships because the substances they are abusing become their first priority. It is this physical and mental combination that requires the person to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol dependency. The mental aspect of the disease must be dealt with as well as removing the person from the physical accessibility of the drug or alcohol. Detoxification, or dealing with the physical component of addiction, is the first step. However, recovery will not be complete without the second component where the person gets help for the mental aspect of the illness.

In rehab, the patient learns what causes addiction and what triggers specifically caused his or her problem. They are taught how to avoid these triggers or to deal with situations or people that cannot be avoided. They develop positive methods of handling triggers to replace the substance.
Treatment may also include dealing with underlying causes. If the addict has suffered emotional trauma in the past, therapy may be required to move past unresolved issues. This is especially true for people who suffer from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, such as military personnel or abuse victims.

Rehab for addiction is an essential part of recovery. No one should be afraid of treatment because there are many options available for treatment. Even those who have tried to get help in the past can find a different drug addiction rehab program that will better suit their needs. Explore new possibilities for recovery at Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon. Call 914-829-5813 now and explore your treatment options.

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