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Binge Drinking Mount Vernon

It’s no secret that alcohol use and abuse is widespread in the United States, with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reporting that 87.6 percent of the population, when considering those over 18 years old, has consumed alcohol. These stats do not mean that all of these people need alcoholism treatment by any means, as there are safe ways to consume alcohol, but they show why it is so common for alcoholism treatment to become necessary. Currently a current trend is binge drinking, it is not an addiction to alcohol necessarily but can easily develop into one. Many people believe that consuming high volumes of alcohol only on some occasions is okay; however, binge drinking can lead to DUI, physical injury, and a slew of other negative outcomes. If you or someone you love has a hard time drinking in moderation and finds that every drinking occasion results in a black out, binge drinking treatment may be necessary.

Binge drinking is consuming massive amounts of the substance at the same time, is not necessarily the same as alcoholism, as binge drinking once does not mean that someone is addicted and needs to look into their alcoholism treatment options. However, being unable to drink in moderation can be a sign of alcoholism in many individuals, and it can also be very dangerous. The NIAAA found that 88,000 people die every year, on average, from alcohol. As far as preventable deaths are concerned, alcohol is the third leading cause

Part of the reason for this high ranking for binge drinking is that it is very common, with a full 24.6 percent of people saying that they had done it within the previous 30 days. Binge drinking is sometimes done alone, but it is often done at parties and in other social settings, where it may be promoted by things like contests and drinking games. Binge drinking is also prevalent with young people on college campuses, though it is very important to note that this is not the only group involved; binge drinking can occur anywhere, with any age group.

Alcohol Use Disorders

One reason that people may check into alcoholism treatment centers is because they have Alcohol Use Disorders, or AUDs. The study done by the NIAAA found that 17 million adults suffered from AUDs. Interestingly, AUDs impact men more often than women. Out of those 17 million adults, 11.2 million of them were male. The roughly 5.7 million people remaining in the group were female.

However, many people either do not recognize the alcoholism symptoms or choose not to seek out alcohol abuse treatment. The NIAAA found that just 1.4 million of these adult users went to treatment centers to get assistance with their disorders. As can be seen, that leaves 80 percent of the people with documented issues without treatment. The split between men and women remained roughly the same as that noted above, with 416,000 women going to the treatment centers and roughly one million men doing the same.

Identifying Addiction

Many people do not know that they are even suffering from an addiction to alcohol, perhaps thinking that their drinking habits are not that far outside of the norm. They may not know how many drinks constitutes binge drinking, for example, telling people that they are fine when they are really beginning to fall into the grips of addiction and drinking too much. Additionally, as these alcoholism statistics show, more people struggle with addiction than seek help every year by a wide margin. It is very important for friends and family members to look for the signs of addiction and to take action when they see them. While an addict may not help himself or herself, it is the loved ones in that person’s life who can step up and make a difference.

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