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Alcohol Abuse Mount Vernon NY

Almost 90% of adults admit to drinking alcohol at some point in life, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Drinking is acceptable in many social situations, making it that much more difficult to quit once you have developed an alcohol abuse habit. Alcoholism affects millions of people in the United States each and every day. Unfortunately, most addicts cannot overcome the disease because they refuse to seek alcohol abuse treatment. Do not let drinking control your health and happiness for one more day. Be serious about sobriety and call Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon now. 914-829-5813

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Drinking is a socially accepted activity in many circles. However, for some people, they cross over the line from recreational drinking to alcohol abuse. In time, it may even develop into an addiction to the substance. In general, people do not wake up one day to discover that they are alcoholics. Alcoholism often follows alcohol abuse, which may also follow binge drinking. In fact, of those who have drank, almost 25% have engaged in heavy drinking or binge drinking within the last month.

Binge drinking is not as obvious as you might assume. According to the NIAAA, the true definition of binge drinking is consuming the amount that brings the concentration of alcohol in the blood to 0.08 g/dL. Typically, it means that women have four or more drinks and men have approximately 5 or more in about two hours’ time.

Another definition is focused more on the frequency of drinking. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration considers having one drink per day for at least 30 days to be binge drinking. Heavy and regular drinking can lead to alcohol abuse and abuse can likely lead to addiction. Someone who consumes multiple drinks will eventually get used to that amount. The body will develop a tolerance to the substance and require more to experience the same effects; this turns into a dependency. Someone with a dependency to the substance may begin to neglect activities, responsibilities, and relationships that they once believed to be of high importance.

How to Know If Someone is Abusing Alcohol

The signs of abuse may not be obvious in the beginning. It is common for people to justify heavy drinking by saying that the person is “just having fun” or “letting off steam.” As time goes on, it becomes more evident that the person has turned to alcohol abuse.

Signs of abuse include:

  • Drinking at the wrong time, such as when driving or at work
  • Neglecting relationships and activities with family or friends to drink
  • Drinking to relax or as a way to deal with problems

Damaging relationships due to drinking

While abusing the substance does not necessarily mean the person has an addiction, it does increase the risk significantly. When a person drinks a certain amount on a regular basis, the body adjusts to the consumption and increases its tolerance. It can get to the point that the person must drink to function and avoid dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Without the alcohol present in the system, the body goes into withdrawal. At this point, the person is addicted.

Treatment options are available for both abuse and addiction to alcohol. A person usually must stop drinking completely unless he or she can learn to drink in moderation again. In many cases, this is not possible. Therapy is often recommended to help the person deal with the underlying cause of the abuse or addiction. Triggers for drinking are identified and the person learns how to avoid them or find better ways of dealing with them rather than turning back to alcohol.

Not everyone who drinks will abuse alcohol. However, it is important for friends and family to recognize when the activity becomes dangerous and abusive. By getting the person to seek treatment, they can prevent or reduce the consequences of alcoholism or abuse before the condition gets even worse. Call our 24/7 helpline now. Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon can help you or a loved one find freedom from addiction.

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