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10 Reasons Why You Should Practice Restorative Yoga for Addiction Treatment Mount Vernon, NY

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Trying to treat an addiction may be quite difficult because you have to deal with a lot of physical and psychological symptoms. That’s the reason why addicted persons have to follow two types of treatment: therapies – for emotional symptoms, and medications – for physical symptoms. To learn more about alternative addiction treatment, contact Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon at (914) 829-5813.

Reasons to practice restorative yoga

Although the aforementioned kinds of addiction treatments are proven to be quite helpful, we present you with another option – restorative yoga. It aims to treat both physical and emotional addiction symptoms. Restorative yoga is more efficient, and here are ten reasons for this.

Calms the nervous system

The withdrawal process is often very stressful. The pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of the restorative yoga sessions calms the nervous system. It comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level.

Heals the emotional pain

Restorative yoga poses offer soothing care which helps you deal with depression or anxiety.

Cultivates heightened body awareness

Restorative yoga opens the doorway to a deeper understanding of your own body. It makes you love your body. Hence, in the future you’ll think twice before doing, or using something that will harm it.

Helps you feel safe and nurtured

During yoga sessions you can reconnect with your true nature, which is immortal, invincible, pure, and nourishing. The poses, breathing, and deep relaxation remind you about the fearless nature of your soul. In this way you feel secure when reconciled with your body and mind, and don’t feel the need to use any substances in order to feel good.

Creates deliberateness of action

You become more aware of your actions and thoughts, and how they influence your level of comfort or discomfort. You begin to make more deliberate and attentive choices in your life.

Develops patience, humbleness, and the ability to focus

These skills really help you during the withdrawal period, give you resistance in face of the urge to drink or to use drugs.

Boosts your immune system

In this way, your body is much more prepared to get over the physical symptoms of withdrawal, and doesn’t feel so weak.

Improves respiratory and circulatory systems

During the withdrawal process many addicted people have problems with breathing and blood pressure. Restorative yoga can help improve them without any medication.

Enhances flexibility

It helps you explore what happens when you release the tension your body habitually holds.

Slows down the pace of life

Restorative yoga is the perfect way to disconnect from daily activities and problems. In this way you are able to avoid anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

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