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Alcohol Effects on the Body Mount Vernon, NY

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Moderate drinking brings enjoyment and increases the sensation of well-being. However, alcohol misuse puts you at higher risks to suffer from various health conditions. Contact Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon at (914) 829-5813 to learn more about the effects of alcohol use and misuse.

Effects of alcohol on the digestive system

Alcohol can affect every organ of your digestive system, including your mouth, throat, stomach, and your intestines. An individual who drinks too much can experience stomach pains, ulcers, gastritis, and stomach bleeding. Alcohol consumption can also cause acid reflux, sores in the intestines, heartburn, and diarrhea. In addition, heavy use of alcohol raises the risk of developing mouth, throat, stomach, or intestinal cancer.

Alcohol effects on the liver Mount Vernon, NY

It is well known that our liver processes and metabolizes alcohol. Consequently, the most affected organ by alcohol is our liver. Heavy drinking can lead to inflammation of the liver, cirrhosis, cancer, liver damage, and even liver failure.

Effects of alcohol on the circulatory system Mount Vernon, NY

Too much alcohol can affect the way your circulatory system functions. Drinking affects your heart rate which results in an irregular heartbeat. Drinking alcohol leads to high blood pressure, anemia, strokes, heart attack, and other chronic heart conditions.

Alcohol effects on the reproductive system

Alcohol can have harmful effects on your sexual health as well. It can lead to infertility and hormonal imbalance both in men and women. Excessive drinking can also cause an irregular menstrual cycle and low libido. Alcohol lowers inhibitors, thus while under influence you can engage in unprotected sex which may result in contracting sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Effects of alcohol on the central nervous system Mount Vernon, NY

Alcohol affects your central nervous system and brain, causing impaired memory, slurred speech, and poor coordination. It can also affect your understanding, behavior, and decision making. Alcohol misuse can lead to brain damage, neuropathy, and other serious mental health problems.

If you have a drinking problem, please contact Drug Treatment Centers Mount Vernon at (914) 829-5813. Find freedom in sobriety!




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